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How Custom Signs Will Affect Your Business March 27, 2017

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How Custom Signs Will Affect Your Business, Archdale, North Carolina

Custom signs are an important part of your business’s overall branding — after all, a sign is often the first thing a prospective customer will see. Well-designed signage can communicate credibility and quality service, but if poorly-done it could drive potential customers away. Besides this, the ways in which signs affect your business don’t stop there.

Exterior signs that are visible to people walking or driving by can be an incredibly effective way to draw in new customers and increase your company’s name recognition. A passerby may stop in and make an impulse purchase based on an intriguing sign, and a driver who passes by regularly is likely to think of your business when they’re in the market for the service you provide.

custom signsExterior signs also serve as a guidepost for your business location. Well-placed signage makes your storefront easy to find from the road, and without it, your clients could get frustrated and decide to bring their business elsewhere.

The importance of custom signs doesn’t stop at your front door. Interior signs help build your brand identity and can be an effective way to offer promotions and information to waiting clients. Plus, you don’t want your store to feel boring or sterile, and interior logos and placards can bring life and color to your space. To create truly cohesive branding inside your business, work with a custom sign company to create ADA signs that coordinate with your company style while still being compliant.

As a business owner, you’re probably more concerned about providing a high-quality service than with signage and branding. But the truth is that signs have an enormous impact on the public’s perception of your company. They’re often the first thing people see in relation to your business, and the last thing they see when they leave. To ensure you’re making a positive impression, work with a sign company to create custom signs that present the best aspects of your business.


Signage Industries Corporation is High Point, NC’s leading sign company. They will help you create custom signs in nearly any shape and size so you can attract customers, provide information, and create valuable name recognition for your company. To learn more about how signage can improve your business, call Signage Industries Corporation at (336) 434-4126 or visit them online.

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